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I am a firm believer in continuous development, both as personal growth and as business development. And when you are a freelancer, I think these two areas are tightly integrated.

For me, most of the new ideas I get exposed to come from podcasts or books (of which the latter often is a result of listening to a podcast).

So - in the spirit of sharing is caring - here's a book tip for you: Get Clients Now, by C.J. Hayden.

I first heard about this book in one of my favorite podcasts, the Freelancers' Show, and I'm currently re-reading it.

It's full of tips for those of us that want to grow our client base, which of many are guaranteed to take you outside your comfort zone, at least if you are an introvert like me.

Check it out and tell me what you think!

And when your new clients start giving you work, you know where to go to track time and create invoices.

By Fredrik Holm, 2018-04-17.

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