Time Tracking — the Foundation for Your Business Intelligence

Timesheets are a necessary evil for many, especially when they are forced upon us by clients in the form of rigid software from the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

As usual, it's all about incentives; if we track time for our sake, it becomes more motivating. And as freelancers, we have at least one powerful incentive – we do it to get paid.

Another often overlooked benefit is the business intelligence that comes from the habit of accurate time reporting. Structured and regular time tracking keeps you informed and usually proves to be a veritable goldmine over time.

Lancelog's time tracking helps you capture every minute you work; both billable and nonbillable. Track time against projects with different hourly rates, or set a flat rate per project or task.

Got clients abroad? No problem, we support different currencies all the way from client down to task level, and the built-in currency converter gives you accurate exchange rates.

Lancelog supports both detailed, daily and weekly time reporting, and lets you access timesheets from anywhere and at any time with a simple web browser in a secure way.

By Fredrik Holm, 2018-03-19.

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