Track Your Time

Do you bill your clients for all the time actually worked?

With Lancelog, you can say goodbye to undercharging clients. We help you track every billable hour and make sure every minute counts.

Whether you juggle multiple projects a day or work on a single long-term contract, our timesheets let you track worked hours in an intuitive way that fits your work style.

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Create Awesome Invoices

Generate invoices from your tracked time and expenses in just a few clicks.

Lancelog offers full layout customization with our intuitive template editor, as well as a bunch of ready-made templates to get you started.

Spend less time piecing together invoices and more time billing your clients.

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Log Your Expenses

Do you keep track of your business spending? Do you get paid for all client expenses?

Lancelog knows which expenses are unbilled and which have been recouped.

Assign expenses to categories and vendors and get instant feedback on where your money goes. Expenses assigned to clients are easily added to your invoices, complete with currency conversions and the ability to set an arbitrary client price.

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Business intelligence

Get Peace of Mind

You provide the input — Lancelog provides the insight.

What is the total current outstanding amount of all your clients? What are your actual hourly rates when non-billable hours are taken into account? How much are your total travel expenses including parking fees for the previous quarter?

The more input you provide, the more you will learn about your business' finances.

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